Walking in Spain

Catalan Classic Walk

Day 1 – I arrive at Flaca train station (pronounced Flassa) around 5 pm after a long 24 hours of travel. Still, it’s refreshing to see Ashley, smiling and holding a “Headwater” sign. My worries about missing the pick up and getting off at the wrong station evaporate. And guess what! Two additional guests are on the same train – from Australia. They’ve just come from a stay in London, Germany and Prague, so have been on the road for several weeks already. Ashley takes us the short 25 minutes to Calella de Palfrugell by van and gives us an overview of the villages we’ll pass through later on the week’s walk. We arrive at the Hotel Garbi – lovely and set back on a private several acres of gardens. My room overlooks the Mediterranean! Wow! The view is spectacular over the village of Calella and the ocean. The clouds are rolling in though – so I’ll wait till morning for some pictures.

Time to walk into town and find a snack. I’m not really up for a big dinner, so after a brief stroll by the sandy beach (lots of colorful boats pulled up on shore) and up again through the winding streets of stone houses and shops – I settle on a small bar. A couple of locals are having a drink – so, why not? I order a pitcher of Sangria. The owner mixes it up fresh for me with lemons and oranges – sensational! He gives me the code for internet wi-fi access and I make a quick call home to check on the kids (I left the twins – aged 6, boys, home with Dad, he seems to be managing okay).

Finally, I make my way back to the hotel by street lamp – good thing I took the map with me! The roads wind by private gates, as this is somewhat of a high end summer place for wealthy Barcelonans. The city is packed from mid July to late August – thus the tour is not offered during this time frame (also, it would be too hot for walking). The room is so comfortable; I don’t even move a muscle until morning.