Visit Powerful Arenal Volcano on Our Costa Rica Wildlife Walk

Costa RicaDon’t be fooled by the lush greenery surrounding its base and the serene lake reflecting its towering peak. Arenal Volcano is a sleeping beast that’s still very much an active part of the Costa Rican landscape. Tour the area and gaze upon this force of nature right from your hotel room when you join us on our Costa Rica Wildlife Walk.

Thousands of years ago, Arenal began as layers of lava and ash leftover from a neighboring volcano that’s now extinct. Leading up to the turn of the last century, it was so well-behaved that locals thought of it as a mountain. But Arenal was a bomb waiting to go off, and 1968 saw its most ferocious eruption. Early in the morning on July 29th, the volcano exploded into a fit of molten lava, hurling ash and rock at the nearby towns. Days later, when it finally calmed down, villages had been buried and nearly 100 people had died in the wake. Starting then and continuing until just recently, Arenal ejected parts of its innards into the sky almost daily. The adjacent towns and hotels have since been built at a safe distance, but no one will ever mistake this for a mere mountain again.

Over the course of our 13-day guided Costa Rica Wildlife Walk, you’ll have the chance to get personal with Arenal Volcano. On Day 5, you’ll walk eleven miles through the farm-studded countryside to Lake Arenal, where you’ll take a boat to the western shore of this 33-square-mile body of water for breathtaking panoramic views of the volcano. You’ll be taken by the spectacle of Costa Rica’s youngest and most active volcano in the background of this shimmering lake known for its perfect windsurfing conditions and its opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and boating.

While visiting the area, you’ll stay at the acclaimed Arenal Observatory Lodge, a three-star hotel that receives the highest marks for its location right in Arenal Volcano National Park. Hidden away in the jungle, the Lodge enjoys incredible views of both the volcano and the adjacent lake. You’ll be a part of history as you stay in the same accommodations that were originally built for the first scientists who came to study the volcano and the incredible biodiversity of the environment almost 30 years ago. You’ll wake up to the sounds of the rainforest–the calls of birds, frogs, and monkeys–and draw back the curtains to reveal terrain so beautiful you might forget how deadly Arenal Volcano once was.
Take a hike on one of the miles of trails or simply relax in the hot tub after dinner in the Arenal Observatory Lodge’s restaurant. No matter what you choose to do, the backdrop of Arenal Volcano makes every moment in this Costa Rican paradise a remarkable one.