Visit “Heaven On Earth” in Croatia

Delights of Dalmatian CoastIt’s been said that on a visit to Croatia in 1929, the writer George Bernard Shaw claimed, “If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik.” The area often finds itself on lists of the world’s most romantic cities or the world’s most beautiful cities or the world’s most interesting cities alongside the likes of Paris, London, and Rome. And what better way to experience all of the romance, beauty, and intrigue of Croatia than on nearby Brac Island as part of our Delights of the Dalmatian Coast walk?

The largest of the Dalmatian islands, Brac is more than 150 square miles of knockout natural landscapes. Sister island Hvar is known as the party island, while Brac is quieter, slower, and perfect for the vacationer who favors passing the day on sunny shores in cool breezes. This is an unspoiled land of farmers selling the same goods their families have been making for generations, of long stretches of smooth pebble beaches, of incredible views around every turn. Brac’s blue-green water yields the freshest local fish, expertly prepared at tiny village restaurants right on the harbor.

The smallest local skiff and the most luxurious yacht are both at home here along the waterline, and visitors swim, windsurf, or parasail all along the gorgeous bays. Zlatni Rat, a bleached white beach that extends into the channel like an icy finger, is the showpiece of Brac Island. Do as the locals do and go nude on the western side of the beach if you’re up for a little more adventure.

Delights of the Dalmatian Coast 12HR_Page_1_Image_0005On Day four of our Delights of the Dalmatian Coast tour, Brac Island is the final destination for a night at Hotel Kastil, waterfront accommodations where nearly every room enjoys a stunning sea view. Located in the heart of the village of Bol on Brac Island, it’s just steps to restaurants, cocktail bars, shops, and cafes. Eat breakfast on your private balcony, catch some sun on the hotel terrace, or join the locals in the town square below. You’ll be a stone’s throw from the Zlatni Rat beach and even closer to enough seafood to stuff you to the gills.

Brac Island may be only a few miles off of mainland Croatia, but it has an off-the-beaten-path, hidden gem feel that’ll make you feel far from home. And we’ll truly be off the beaten path as we follow the coastline through forests of pine and unseen coves on our way to waterfalls and river banks in heavenly Croatia.