Two Challenging (and Beautiful!) Tours for Fit Outdoor Enthusiasts

Challenging Walking Tours

If you’re looking for more than just long and leisurely stroll, but something that will really challenge you and help you build up a good appetite while you’re on vacation, we have several great options. And the beauty is that some of our most challenging trips also happen to explore some of the most gorgeous country.

Here are two of our favorite trips that fall on the more challenging end of the spectrum:

Scotland’s West Highland Way

The rich farmland and wooded vistas of Scotland offer stunning scenery of lovely cascades, lochs and moody lowland moors, and the West Highland Way trail offers all of the above, as well as opportunities to extend your trip to climb. One popular trip extension offers the option to climb Ben Nevis, Great Britain’s highest mountain, while another extension offers the chance to climb Ben Lomond, one of the most popular hills in Scotland, with spectacular views of Loch Lomond, the lowland hills to the south, as well as a slew of stunning peaks from the summit.

The main trip (without extensions) is eight days, with six days of walking, with the longest day’s trek running 12 miles. Many of the tracks can be rough and rocky, or even muddy. While the trail is well-marked and popular throughout, some sections are remote.

Jungfrau Peaks and Glaciers Walk

Switzerland WalksIf you’re ready to explore some truly astonishing mountains and glaciers, this walk in Switzerland will take your breath away: Over nine days of independent, inn-to-inn walking, you’ll explore alpine panoramas that look like they came straight out of a fairy tale.

On your first walking day, you’ll climb through an oak forest for a peek at the Jungfrau, one of the primary summits of the Bernese Alps and among the most iconic sights of the Swiss Alps. While you’re spending the day in Mürren, you’re welcome to voyage out for hikes, including a hike up the Sefinenfurgge pass, which will challenge you with an approximately 1,000-meter elevation gain. In the days to come, you’ll explore valleys and meadows dotted with wildflowers, pass by awe-inspiring waterfalls, and of course ascend ice and rock-studded landscapes that will both inspire you and keep your blood pumping. Not only are the views spectacular, but the trip also offers some amazing opportunities to spot interesting wildlife, from the recently reintroduced bird of prey the lammergeier to ibex and marmots.