Travelers Play ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ on Dominica Walking Tour

MT. PLEASANT, S.C. — A tour from Breakaway Adventures,, a company that specializes in relaxed overseas getaways, lets brave souls tread in the footsteps of real — and Hollywood — pirates of the Caribbean. On the Tropical Walk on Dominica tour, available beginning Nov. 17, guests visit the island of Dominica in the Caribbean where the new movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Man’s Chest,” opening July 7, was filmed. There they will see many sites from the film and stay in the same Mobil four-star hotel (complete with original brass cannons) as the cast and crew.

Expert and native Indian guide, Kent Auguisce, will lead groups of four to 12 walkers on various adventures throughout the island. They will discover “Cannibal Island” when they walk from Titou Gorge to the Valley of Desolation, and hike around Capucin Cape with views over the movie’s “Shipwreck Cove.” On another day, they’ll explore Indian River, where pirate long boats were shot cruising along “Pantano River” for the film.

But Dominica is not just home to movie star pirates; real swashbucklers also used the island as a stopping-off route to replenish supplies during the 16th century. There is even a legend of buried pirate treasure — allegedly some three million Spanish pesos — plundered from a Spanish fleet in 1567 and hidden somewhere on the island. The tour also leads guests past Napoleonic lookout posts, dramatic waterfalls, bubbling sulphur springs and ancient villages established by runaway slaves.

“With all the hype surrounding the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ sequel, we thought it would be fun to offer a tour that allows travelers to see the sites they’ll view this summer on the Big Screen,” says Carol Keskitalo, co-owner of Breakaway Adventures. “After visiting, guests will see why this amazing island was the perfect natural stage for sword fights, secret missions and swashbuckling adventures.”

The nine-day, eight-night Tropical Walk on Dominica tour is available from November 17, 2006, through May 31, 2007. Prices start at $2,217/person, depending on the date. Included in the cost is a group guide, accommodations, breakfast, six picnic lunches, dinner and pick up from the airport. The tour is rated “two boots,” meaning the longest walk will be five to six hours in one day.

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