Tours Photographers Will Love

Butterfly Costa Rica Wildlife Adventure There are few things photographers, whether amateur or pro, love more than international travel. And who can blame them? The stunning scenery, the people you see when you’re traveling abroad … all make for fantastic pictorial mementos and a great chance to sharpen your photography skills.

All of our tours involve wonderful opportunities for photographers to practice their craft, but some stand out. These are a few of the trips that produce the kind of photos that leave shutterbugs swooning.

Costa Rica Wildlife Walk

On this 11 day walking tour, you’ll explore lush rainforest and have the chance to snap photos of amazing wildlife, including spider monkeys, iguanas, colorful tree frogs and hundreds of tropical birds. But you’ll also voyage out of the

Jungfrau Peaks and Glaciers Walk Switzerland

verdant forests to stunning, panoramic views of the sea, dramatic waterfalls and lakes. You’re sure to return home with photos of a lifetime.

Classic Swiss Alps Walk

There are few places in the world as photogenic as the Switzerland. And the Alps will simply take your breath away. You’ll capture shots of snow-frosted mountaintops, vast meadows dotted with colorful flowers, rolling green hills and lovely blue lakes. The 8-day walk even offers views of the Matterhorn.

Sahara & High AtlasCamel trip in Sahara desert Merzouga, Morocco, north Africa

The dramatic light and shapes of the desert make for outstanding photographs. This holiday in southern Morocco takes you through the Sahara, past kasbahs that hug dramatic cliffs, through lovely oases fringed with palms, into the exotic and rich city of Marrakesh and even a bustling Berber market.

Coastal Crete Walk

Walking in Gstaad Switzerland

Walking the coast of Crete, you will have the chance to explore vast gorges thick with flowers, sandy beaches, fertile vineyards and secluded coves. And don’t forget to bring your camera to dinner, you’ll often dine on a terrace as the sun sets.

All of these tours are favorite outings for our travelers who love taking photographs, but there are so many more, from Ireland to Portugal.

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