Top 3 Tours for French Wine Lovers

Wine glassesThe Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson said “Wine is bottled poetry.” It’s certainly true—just as poetry is a representation of a time, a writer, and a culture, tasting a delicious and carefully crafted wine can put you in touch with the spirit of a place, the soil, the weather, and the people who made it. That’s why wine and travel pair so beautifully. There’s nothing like enjoying amazing wine while you also see the land where it was born.

Of course, there is no country that epitomizes fine wine quite the way that France does. Here at Breakaway Adventures, we have several amazing tours that will bring you deep into the heart of French wine country. Here’s a list of our top three tours for French wine lovers:

Chateaux of the Loire Walk

Solutre Rock with vineyards, Burgundy, FranceThis independent, mellow walking trip will take you to some of the most stunning and grand châteaux along the Loire River, from the Château de Chambord, the largest château in the Loire Valley, and a hunting lodge of sixteenth-century French king François I that was once visited by Italian Renaissance painters including Leonardo da Vinci. You’ll walk through fields of poppies, stunning vineyards, and you’ll stay in charming inns with owners who serve delicious food as well as outstanding French wines.

Alsace Wine Trail

This is another gentle walk through French vineyards, one that runs parallel to the famous Alsatian Route Du Vin, the oldest wine route in France. You’ll be positively charmed by these villages filled with half-timbered, pastel-painted buildings dripping with flowers as well as by the local vignerons, who tend to insist upon visitors sampling an array of their wines.

Chablis Vineyards Walk

Blue sky over old town of Colmar in FranceWalk the land where some of the most famous wines of France are made: Chablis, sparkling Crémant, Irancy, Aligoté. This is Burgundy at its finest. But in addition to the opportunity to sample many of the finest wines in the world and stroll past picturesque vineyards, you’ll also pass gorgeous villages tucked against river banks, rolling hills dotted with poppies and sunflowers, and  you’ll stay in hotels specifically chosen for their hospitality and cuisine—which always includes the best in regional wines.