More Terrific Walks for Flower Lovers

Madiera FlowerLast week we shared one of our favorite walking tours for flower-lovers, and now we’re back with two more recommendations for trips where you’re sure to see gorgeous wildflowers.

This walking tour is definitely challenging—there are plenty of steep ascents and descents—but the payoff is access to about 1,200 species of wildflowers, as well as incredible views, including views of  the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, and Monte Rosa.

High Alps Walk

Your best option for departure is June. As you walk among the mountains and valleys of this stunning landscape, you’ll likely find wild orchids, spring crocus, the charming faces of auricula, alpine snowbell, bright blue spring gentian, sunny alpine pasque flowers, Swiss rock jasmine, globeflowers,  an array of bell flowers, wild orchid and lupine, and of course edelweiss, the noble white flower that is not only a national symbol of Austria and Switzerland, but is indelibly tied in popular imagination to the alps.

This walk will take you along well-marked and un-crowded footpaths with very little road walking.


If you’d prefer the showy sub-tropical flowers to the delicate mountain displays, the independent Portuguese walking tour the Marvels of Madeira may be just the ticket. Along this route, the wildflowers bloom in April and May—you’ll likely encounter an array of colorful flowers, including fragrant Frangipani, as well as camellia, jacaranda and the Bird of Paradise.

Madiera Island

On this 8-day hotel-to-hotel walk, you’ll explore the island and it’s diverse landscapes, from the villages clinging to the cliffs of the coasts to the lush valleys and turquoise seas. You’ll also experience charming hilltop villages and the bustling towns and markets of Madiera’s south. And of course you’ll have plenty of time to taste the delicious Madiera wines for which the area is so well known.

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