See Northern Italy’s Countryside by Bicycle

Villas and Vineyards Cycling1There’s nothing quite like the charms of the Italian countryside—and rural Venetia offers unparalleled access to the idyllic lifestyle, rustic beauty, and epicurean delights of the Northeastern Italy. And our Heart of Venetia Cycling trip provides a uniquely relaxing and restorative opportunity to enjoy the region.

For the duration of this holiday, you’ll stay at an “agriturismo” farm-hotel surrounded by cherries, poplars, and olives in Villaganzerla, owned and operated by a charming family you’ll love getting to know throughout your trip—no moving from hotel to hotel. Valfrido and Angelina’s hospitality is well-known. You’ll love the charming décor they’ve selected for the rooms, almost as much as you’ll appreciate the locally sourced regional food. You’ll eat with the seasons, and even the wine you’ll drink comes from the farm.

Agriturismo L'AlbaraBut staying at a single that doesn’t mean you’ll be idle, not unless you want to. We’ll help fit you with a bike at the beginning of the trip and share an array of cycling opportunities of varying lengths and difficulties that will take you an array of beautiful countryside rides through the lush countryside. One of our favorite trips is to the market in Bastia, an easy ride along quiet country lanes to take you to explore the stalls, sights, and aromas of a classic country market. The day’s ride will also take you to the quaint hamlet Monticello as well as the tiny village of Lovolo with its historic village square and lime kiln.

You’ll also have the chance to cycle to through the valleys of the region to the enchanting Lake Fimon, the mirrored and waterlily-studded surface of which reflects the surrounding woods, made up of poplar, water chestnuts and willow trees. You can ride around the entirety of the scenic lake before you head back to another languid evening meal at the agriturismo.

Architecture buffs in particular will love the cycling tour to UNESCO World Heritage Site Vicenza, a cosmopolitan city that’s home to stunning Renaissance palazzi, stunning historic churches, and the Teatro Olimpico, which was constructed in the 16th Century.

Basilica PalladianaAnd on your way back, you can even stop at the Villa La Rotonda, a 16th Century Renaissance villa designed by Andrea Palladio. The architecture itself is awe-inspiring, and the surrounding gardens will impress—they were designed to be in harmony with the landscape and topography. The views are a delight, from the surrounding woods to the views of Vicenza in the distance.