Say Goodbye to Leg Cramps on Long Flights

Tired of cramped seats on long overseas flights? Finally, an airline has come up with a reasonable option to give squished flyers a little more space.

JetBlue, already known for its legroom, announced recently that’s it has reconfigured its A320 fleet so that there are six rows with even more legroom! So, for a fee as low as $10 extra bucks you can get a full 38 inches (their regular seats have 34 inches, still above the standard) of legroom.

“Lots of Legroom, free TVs, generous snacks and friendly service are all part of the core JetBlue Experience, and these in-flight perks will always be provided at no extra cost to the customer,” says Dave Barger, CEO of JetBlue Airways. “Our new value-added legroom product gives customers the option to make their flight even more comfortable and enjoyable with Even More Legroom, but not at the expense of other customers.”