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Latin American, The Caribbean, Bermuda and West Indies

This part of the world is, quite simply, a tropical paradise with luxuriant rainforest, emerald lagoons, thermal springs, dramatic volcanoes and palm-fringed white sandy beaches. There is a wealth of bird and wildlife too: from iguanas and quetzals to agoutis and spider monkeys swinging through the trees. Costa Rica, in particular, is famous for its variety of tree frogs. From the golden-eyed leaf frog to the blue jeans dart frog, their bright colours stand out against the emerald back drop of the rainforest. You will also find animals here that have evolved nowhere else in the world, such as the paca, a sort of Latin American type of guinea pig!

The French and English battled over ownership of the French Caribbean for years, and you will come across remains of look-out points and Napoleonic forts scattered across the islands. Our walking tours on Guadeloupe, Martinique and St Lucia are the best way to experience the real essence of the countryside. It is not unusual to see residents here baking fresh baguettes to accompany their morning coffee, and the French influence is evident in the high quality cuisine throughout. Yet the joie de vivre could not be more Caribbean as locals enjoy a rum punch under the swaying palms, or chatter animatedly to each other in the colourful markets.

The oldest British colony, Bermuda, is a tiny treasure trove packed with history and natural beauty. Famed for its stunning turquoise waters in a whole rainbow of blues, incredible pink sands and coral reefs home to hundreds of colorful fish, Bermuda is a beach lovers heaven.  But beyond the postcard perfect bays, the islands offer a lush interior alive with hundreds of birds and flowers, making it perfect to explore on foot!

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