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Eastern Mediterranean

Ancient Lycia is in southwest Turkey, whose Aegean shore is known as the Turquoise Coast. In this stunning region, craggy limestone mountains plunge into azure seas, and evidence of Greek, Lycian and Roman empires are strewn around like half buried treasures, linked together by coastal trails that used to be the trade routes of antiquity.

Surrounded by azure Mediterranean waters, diminutive Gozo lies just 3 miles from its lively sister island of Malta. In contrast, the pace of life in Gozo however is one from an ear gone-by, even a short visit will lull you into its relaxed rhythms. This tranquility, combined with the islands size, makes Gozo perfect for gentle exploration by foot or bike. An evocative silence pervades the island: the only sound is the soothing peel of church bells, the sea softly lapping the shore or the rhythmical clopping of horses hooves.

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