Unearth lost secrets and historical sites on one of Breakaways’ cultural tours. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ancient ruins, medieval churches and prehistoric caves with our local guides offering the tours an intimate and knowledgeable distinction.

The natural world has the power to enchant, amaze and awe. Our planet is shaped by nature: from the grinding erosion of monumental glaciers and winds that sculpt strange rock formations, to the dense lush ecosystems of the tropics that allow innumerable species to flourish, our landscapes are formed by forces beyond human control – and to understand them, we need to see them.

Whether it's the Inca Ruins at Machu Picchu, or the natural wonders of the jungle and coast in Belize and Guatemala – ‘Mother Nature’s best kept secret, or the incredible astronomical phenomenon of a total solar eclipse, our cultural tours are all special, not to be missed experiences.

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Amazon Rainforest Cruise

2022 Dates: Led by naturalists, environmentalists, and experts in their field, voyage into the world’s largest river basin, an unparalleled biological reservoir on this thrilling adventure along the mighty Amazon River in Peru.

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