Enjoy the liberating freedom of life on the water, with your new vantage point giving you a whole new perspective you won’t find on dry land. Kayaking tours are as varied as they are fun. Hop into a river kayak and you get incredible access to beautiful places: glide downstream through dramatic gorges, or get the adrenaline flowing tackling white-water rapids. Sea kayaking takes you out onto the waves, hugging the world’s most picturesque and rugged coastlines – and gives you a chance to see the shoreline in a completely different way.

What's more, canoeing and kayaking trips are among the most sustainable and responsible ways of exploring your surroundings. Forget carbon footprints and soil erosion, these are low-impact activities at their best.

Canoeing Tours Available

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Canoeing on the Dordogne

Safe, undemanding canoeing holiday on the most celebrated river in France. Great choice for families – all hotels have pools and, for a limited period, all customers will have the option to hire a fully kitted-out bike for all non-canoe…

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