Walking and Cycling Tours in France

To its many visitors, France offers an inexhaustable supply of interest. Within its borders, it has a greater diversity in art, architechture, cuisines and customs than have, possibly, all the countries of the English-speaking world put together.

Join us on a bike or hike tour in France and you can picnic where Monet set up his easel. Walk the hillside where Bernard of Clairvaux launched the Second Crusade. Stand in awe at the great military architechture of the Hundred Years War in the Dordogne. And, away from the historic towns, you will find sleepy villages, ancient churches, wild flowers and butterflies in profusion.

Available Tours In France

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Beaune Vineyards Walk

Excellent cuisine and charming hotels, quiet wine villages and traditional historic towns are all part of the special allure of the Burgundy region.  You’ll wander through ancient woodland around the beautiful Cote D’Or. Sample wine in some of the world’s…

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