Looking for the Best Times and Trips to See Amazing Flowers?

Almond Blossoms Valencia

We often get asked about which trips are best for seeing gorgeous flowers, and what times of year are the best for enjoying those particular tours – after all, many of the most fragrant and beautiful flowers in the world bloom for only a short window, which means you’ll want to be right on time to enjoy their beauty. Here are is one our favorite trips for flower lovers, along with advice on when you should plan to go for the maxi-mum floral exposure—and come back next week for two more ideas!

Spain – Vistas of Valencia

Wild Rosemary in bloom

In the Hebrew Bible, the almond blossom was a sign of promise, because of how early it flowered. The white and pink flowers which so inspired the painter Van Gogh, bursts forth in very early spring—and when it does, in February, the terraces and fiends of Spain explode in color from the small, soft blooms.

On our Vistas of Valencia tour, you’ll walk through lush valleys, turquoise waters and white villages tucked among the dramatic limestone peaks, following ages old Arab walking and mule trails through the countryside. And if you choose the Feb. 8 departure, you’ll enjoy the same outings, but you’ll be accompanied by professional photographer Sue Bishop, who will not just guide you to the most stunning southern Spain scenery you can imagine, but she will also give pointers for photographing flowers and landscapes. In addition to almond blossom, February is also when the tiny wild Jonquils bloom—they’re lovely miniature daffodils that Sue will help you photograph perfectly.

Lilac Cistus

But there’s still plenty of beauty to be found in Valencia later in the spring. In fact, the wild flowers are at their best in April, so an April 19 departure provides for showy displays in the mountains of lilac and white cistus, also known as rockrose. You may also find blue grass lilies, tiny blossoms of fragrant rosemary, thyme, and chamomile, as well as many varieties of wild orchids.

The trip is based out of Parcent, a historic village near Valencia in Spain’s Marina Alta region. You’ll stay at the Casa Carrascal, a converted townhouse outfitted with antique furniture, dark beams and colorful wood floors that’s located in the center of this charming working village.  The walks will take you through cherry orchards, give views of the coast, with each vista more beautiful than the last.