Introducing Cycling with GPS!

We’re excited to announce that we have teamed up with RidewithGPS and begun rolling out electronic versions of our cycling route directions, which you can download to your smartphone. This tool, similar to a car sat-nav, provides turn-by-turn voice directions along your route!

How does it work?

· You simply download the RidewithGPS app to your smartphone or GPS device and register as a Breakaway customer.
· Once you’ve downloaded your route to your phone, it will be available to you offline – so you won’t need a telephone signal or data connection on your tour.
· The app will track your position along the route, similar to a sat-nav, and provide clear turn-by-turn spoken instructions.
· The app won’t re-route you if you miss a turn but it will alert you immediately if you’re off-track.

Key points
· Our bikes are fitted with a handlebar-mounted smartphone holder so you don’t need to worry about holding your phone (or keeping it clean and dry) while riding.
· Routes are provided with both visual and audio alerts – so no unfolding big maps or reading detailed notes while cycling.
· Once downloaded, phones can be set to flight mode and routes will be accessed via local GPS signal, also minimizing battery use.
· Much less need to stop and start while cycling, giving more freedom just to soak up your surroundings and enjoy the ride.
· Minimal paper waste – helping us all to be more “green”.
· Very clear and easy-to-read words and graphics – even on the smallest of screens.

RidewithGPS is currently available in the following regions:

The Algarve (Cycling in the Real Algarve)
Alsace (Gastronomic Wine Villages of Alsace)
Austrian Lakes (Austrian Lakes Cycling)
Bavaria (Bavarian Castles & Rivers Cycling; Five Waterways of Bavaria Cycling)
Brittany (Backroads of Brittany Cycling)
Burgundy (Gastronomic Burgundy Cycling; Classic Burgundy Cycling; Chablis Vineyards Cycling)
Catalunya (Contrasts of Catalunya Cycling; Catalan Coastal Cycling; Classic Catalan Cycling; Cycling around the River Ebro; Discovering the Ebro Delta by Bike)
Umbria (Aspects of Assisi Cycling; Medieval Umbrian Cycling)
Veneto (Heart of Veneto Cycling; Venetian Villas and Vineyards)
The Loire (Chateaux of the Loire Cycling; Loire Gastronomic Cycling)
Puglia (Contrasts of Puglia Cycling; Heel of Italy Cycling).