Guided or Self-Guided, what’s best?

Bernese Oberland Switzerland

We’re often asked what’s best – a guided or self-guided walk?  It depends really on what type of experience you’re looking for and what appeals to you the most.  It’s important to understand the differences between each type of program to really make an informed choice.

On our self-guided tours, you’re not completely ‘on your own’ as we always have a contact person and 24/7 support in the case of emergencies.  That being said, you will be walking on your own each day with the maps and route notes we provide, and dining on your own each evening.  This has its advantages!  For one thing, you’re completely free to set your own pace and stop along the way to sight see, picnic or have a leisurely latte at a local café.  You’ll also be more likely to open yourself up to totally new experiences and learn about the locals and the place you are visiting.

On the other hand, a guided trip can be a terrific way to mix traveling with a great social experience and to make connections with like minded people.  And our local walking guides will work hard to enhance your experience with their keen knowledge and enthusiasm of the local culture, flora, fauna and history of his or her home country. With small groups (normally 6 to 10 people), you’ll really have a chance to enjoy the camaraderie and spirit of friendship and bonding that develops over the course of a walking holiday.

The best part of traveling on either a self-guided or a guided tour is the fact that it’s up to you. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore charming villages, relax in our hand-picked hotels, savor the local cuisine – or simply take a day to get some rest and relaxation – the choice is all yours!

What’s your preference? Tell us about your favorite self-guided or group, guided travel experiences on our Facebook page.