Guided or Self-Guided

Self guided walking in Tuscany

What’s best?  We often get asked this question, and the answer is “it depends”.

If you are looking for a group experience and the camaraderie of other like minded travelers, a guided trip might be your best choice.  You’ll share meals and have the fun of sharing stories about the day’s activities in a small group setting (groups are generally no more than 8 – 16 people).  Another key benefit is the enthusiasm and passion of our group leaders, who are eager to share their knowledge and experience of the country adding another priceless dimension to your trip.

If you prefer to set your own pace, waking in the morning at your leisure and setting out each day with a flexible agenda, then a self-guided walking or self-guided cycling tour might be more to your liking.    You’ll be able to really feel like a local – stopping in a café along the trail, or taking a break to swim on a beach for a few hours – before continuing on to your carefully selected hotel.  If you are ready for a rewarding and fulfilling mode of travel, a self-guided tour can exceed your expectations and led to an unforgettable experience.

Either, way you’ll be able to relax and travel without the hassle of planning, moving your luggage or deciding where to stay.  All that remains is picking your trip of a lifetime!