Recommended Packing List

Casual and Evening Wear

Men                                                                             Women

_Sportshirts                                                                   _Casual sportshirts or blouses

_Casual trousers, khakis, etc.                                         _Casual slacks or skirts

_Lightweight sweaters                                                    _Lightweight sweaters

_Socks and underwear                                                     _Socks and underwear

_ Pajamas                                                                       _Pajamas

_ Swimsuit and towel                                                      _Swimsuit and towel

_Sport coat (Optional, dressing up                                  _Skirt/dress (Optional, dressing up

for dinner is not required)                                               for dinner is not required)

_Sports Sandals                                                              _Sports Sandals

_Hat with brim                                                               _Hat with brim



_Several shirts*                                                             _Raingear suitable for walking**

_Walking shorts                                                             _Firm soled shoes for walking

_Wool sweater and/or fleece shell                                 _Lightweight hiking boots (HIGHLY

_Windbreaker/light jacket                                                 recommended)

_Wicking socks                                                                _Glasses/sunglasses

_Loose pants (jeans are often too tight)                          _Gloves

*Shirts with button fronts and sleeves allow for better ventilation conrol

**Important: The best  choice of raingear is a jacket-pant combination of Gore-Tex® or similar fabric


Bicycling Clothes/Gear

_Bicycling shoes (or stiff-soled sneakers)                        _lightweight jacket/shell

_Bicycling gloves                                                            _rain gear (top and bottom)*

_Bicycling shorts                                                            _sunglasses

_Bicycling tights

_Brightly colored T-shirts

_Long-sleeved shirt

*Raingear fabric that “breathes” (such as Gore Tex®) will keep you from overheating



_Travel documents (Passport,                                     _Cap/hat with visor

airline tickets, etc.)                                                     _Lip balm

_Small day pack or fanny pack                                      _Sunblock

_Bandana or sweatband                                                _Insect Repellant

_Swiss army knife                                                         _Camera, film and binoculars

_Compass (Optional)                                                     _Prescription drugs

_Spare glasses or contacts                                            _Travel alarm clock

_Personal toiletry kit                                                    _Travel iron (Optional)

_Personal first-aid kit                                                   _Hair dryer

_Personal washcloth                                                     _Electrical adapter