Foodie Vacations – Europe Tours to Satisfy Your Inner Gourmet

Secrets of Andalucia Picnic lunch

One of our favorite things about travel is the opportunity to know a place through food. You can learn so much about the people and the history of an area if you get a chance to eat as the locals do, whether it’s a meandering evening meal, a modest loaf of freshly-baked bread, or the fruits of the sea harvested by locals for generations.

Many of our walking and bike tours offer unique opportunities to explore the culinary intricacies of a region in a way that’s hard to replicate. Not only can you taste the food and meet the locals, you may even get the opportunity to see where the food is grown! And of course, when your trip involves cycling and walking, you can indulge your taste buds without the guilt.

Here are just a few of our favorite tours for their ability to inspire the traveler with a taste for local flavor:

Italy Cuisine Small

Loire Gastronomic Cycling Tour

The gourmand traveler cannot overlook the infamous flavors of France, and the Loire Valley offers some of the most splendid “fruits de la terre” you could wish for. In fact, this region in Central France is often called the “garden of France” for the many fruit orchards and fields of asparagus, artichokes and jewel-like strawberries that cluster along the Loire River. These seven day, easy-riding trips will astound you with the variety of delicious, locally-sourced food and, of course, world-renowned wines.

Secrets of Andalucia

Just looking at the landscape offers a hint at the culinary possibilities available to you: While staying at a 200-year-old restored olive mill, you’ll take daily adventures through a landscape ripe with olives, almonds, lemon and avocado. On this 8-day trip, travelers will enjoy four evening meals—al fresco when weather permits—at  the stunning 12-room hotel, with additional opportunities to enjoy local food, including delectable tapas, at restaurants we’ve hand-selected for their careful preparation of locally-grown delicacies.


Highlights of Tuscany

Those whose travel itineraries are dictated (at least in part) by their mouths inevitably fall in love with Tuscany. And these guided, 11-day walking tours offer the opportunity to explore the landscape, both the stunning rolling hills and the delicious culinary landscape. You’ll enjoy such local specialties as panzanella, bruscetta, risotto and of course the simply and expertly prepared meats at an array of restaurants and trattorie.  On some days, you and your guide can even explore local markets to put together a picnic lunch that suits your own taste.

These are just a few of our favorite trips for the foodie in all of us, there are many more to choose from!