Film Makers dream! The tiny Mediterranean island of Gozo stars in an upcoming blockbuster.


After 15 years of offering walking and cycling tours on the unspoiled island of Gozo in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, we were pleased to hear that it has been chosen as the location for filming of a new Hollywood romantic blockbuster, By the Sea, due out next year.

Written and directed by Oscar-winning actress and human rights activist, Angelina Jolie, with husband Brad Pitt playing a leading role, the film will start shooting at the end of this month – with Mgarr ix-Xini Bay (a secluded bay adjacent to Breakaway’s walking base hotel, the exclusive 5-star Ta’Cenc) one of the key chosen locations.


Lying just a scant 56 miles south of Sicily, Gozo is the last European outpost before Africa. Malta’s sister island, accessible only by ferry, is scarcely populated (31, 000 pop) and mostly undiscovered by tourists. It is a curious mix of the enticingly exotic and reassuringly familiar; palm trees, Arabic-style honey-colored stone houses, lemon groves and the ubiquitous prickly pear all contrasting wonderfully with the bustling market streets and nightlife of its capital, Victoria. As well as spectacular natural beauty – breathtaking cliffs, tiny coves, crystal clear seas for diving – Gozo also boasts a fascinating history with Neolithic caves, a huge Copper Age temple (which pre-dates the Giza Pyramids by 1,000 years) and an amazing array of monumental Baroque, neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque churches and basilicas.


With its diminutive size (25 sq miles), the island is ideal for exploring on foot or by bike (or on a combo – walking + cycling tour). We’ve keep distances reasonably short, to allow time for relaxing – the spa at our hotel in San Lawrenz, for example, has been voted one of the best in Europe.

After the film’s release, we suspect this well kept secret will be out! So early booking for next year is advised.