Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between guided and independent tours?

While Breakaway Adventures specializes in fully-supported independent tours, we also offer fully guided walking tours. On a guided tour, you’ll travel  in a group with a guide throughout. On independent tours, you’ll travel on your own without a guide and instead are provided with a detailed itinerary with maps and route notes to guide you. This unique experience allows you to travel at your own pace, stopping to immerse yourself in local culture at cafes, stores and more as desired along the way, but with a local staff member always on call to assist as needed.


What is the difference between inn-to-inn and center-based tours?

On inn-to-inn tours, you’ll travel to a new location typically every day or every other day, whereas with center-based tours, you stay overnight in one central location and travel from there each day, returning each night.


What does Breakaway Adventures consider when planning the itineraries?

In business for nearly 15 years, the owners of Breakaway Adventures, true travel aficionados themselves, select tours that provide authentic, yet enjoyable cultural experiences that are off the tourist path. The owners believe that walking & cycling tours are the best way to travel and are unmatched in their ability to expose the real beauty and culture of a country.


What are the most popular tours?

Some of our most popular walking tours include those in Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Switzerland, France’s Provence region and the Heart of Portugal. Popular cycling tours include the Chianti region of Italy and the Catalan region of Spain. Our two most popular tours in 2012 were the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain and guided walking in the Andalucian province of Spain .


What is included in the cost of each tour?

While it varies depending on the tour, most include all overnight accommodations, a daily continental breakfast, dinner each evening, luggage transportation to each location and a staff person on call to assist guests as needed. Airfare and any transportation by rail is not included.


What is the quality of the hotels?

Overnight accommodations are chosen for their character (a converted 200 year old olive oil mill, for example) and charm and range from manor houses and villas to family-run hotels and even castles.


What type of food can I expect?

Meals are an important part of the cultural experience. A continental breakfast is always provided, whereas guests choose their lunch — a picnic along the road from goods purchased at the local market or perhaps a quiet café. For evening meals, guests dine on gourmet regional cuisine at the hotel or from an area restaurant.


Do I have to carry everything with me as I walk or cycle?

Absolutely not. To remove the burden of carrying a heavy pack, a tour employee moves luggage from inn to inn, allowing guests to carry only what they need for the day’s trip.


How do I know if I am fit enough to go on a Breakaway Adventures tour?

We offer a range of options, including challenging cycling and walking trips for the more athletic traveler to shorter, easier walking and cycling adventures for those looking for a more relaxed pace. While tours are ranked by level of difficulty, our agents are happy to discuss your fitness level and help you find a trip to meet your needs.


What if I get lost?

Guests always have access to a staff member dedicated to their tour who is available to answer questions and attend to their needs with just a quick call.


What do I need to bring with me?

As far as attire, you don’t need anything special other than a good pair of walking boots (we don’t recommend sneakers or running shoes) that are worn in and have good ankle support. We do advise guests on cycling tours to bring cycling helmets (Note: They are a legal requirement in Spain). You’ll also need your passport and driver’s license.


Will I be traveling with a group?

Independent tours allow guests to travel on their own instead of at the pace of a group; however, because others may be touring on the same dates, you can be as social as you’d like.


How do I get to the first hotel?

Staff will pick you up at the airport or rail station at designated times (see specific trip details) and bring you to the first the hotel. We can also pre-book a taxi if you choose (pay locally).


Can I include my tour as part of a longer vacation?

Yes. Our agents are happy to recommend additional stopover hotels and cities that you may choose to add on to your tour.   Many travelers choose to book two or more trips with a stopover inbetween.


Can children go on Breakaway Adventures’ tours?

Children are welcome on all of our tours; however, parents should consider the levels of difficulty when selecting a tour with children. Parents can carry babies and young children in a backpack on walking tours. To walk unassisted, however, Breakaway Adventures recommend children be 10 or older.


For cycling tours, children up to age 4 can ride in a rear seat carrier, and kids 10 and older can ride their own mountain bike. While cycling tours are generally not recommended for children between 4 and 10, the company can accommodate “tag-a-longs” that attach to an adult’s bicycle.