South America

With lost cities, rainbow mountains, salt plains and extraordinary wildlife, our offerings in South America are imbued with a magic all of their own. From the Caribbean coast of Colombia to the glacial fjords of Patagonia, South America’s epic canvas takes in a riotous mix of culture and outstanding adventure trails.

There’s trekking in Chile; bird-watching in Guyana and the Galápagos; world-class heritage sites, such as Machu Picchu peeking through the cloud forest in Peru... and then there’s the Amazon. Exploring the biggest and most diverse ecosystem in the world is the stuff that travel legends are made of. Add in Argentina’s fiery tango and famous wineries, and a South America tour has all the ingredients for an adventure like no other.

Available tours in South America

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Amazon Rainforest Cruise

2022 Dates: Led by naturalists, environmentalists, and experts in their field, voyage into the world’s largest river basin, an unparalleled biological reservoir on this thrilling adventure along the mighty Amazon River in Peru.

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The Moonstone Trek

Trek an isolated route with unexplored ruins, discovery at every turn and great mountain views – an excellent introduction to high Andean trekking

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