Walking and Cycling Tours in Slovenia

The bewildering variety of landscapes in Slovenia make this small country feel larger than it is and provide a stunning location to explore on foot or by bike. Discover jagged limestone peaks, high flower-filled meadows, romantic islands, thundering waterfalls and historic hilltop castles on your active adventure tour in Slovenia.

Cut off from their neighbors by dramatic limestone peaks, life still moves at a slower pace in Slovenia. The half-timbered villages still celebrate a calendar of medieval festivals and in the meadows where the sun bleaches grass piled high in timber hayracks, you'll still hear the tinkle of cow bells.

Nowadays there's sophistication too at beautiful Lake Bled, put on the map by 19C travelers coming to bathe in its clear waters. Towards Italy are the sun-drenched vines of the Vipava valley where over a dozen wines are produced from Merlot to Riesling. Here the landscape is perhaps more stunning underground. Slovenia has 8,000 cave networks where you'll find twisted stalagmite columns and underground rivers. While at the coast, Slovenia offers visitors colorful harbors, pastel colored houses, Venetian campaniles and some of the cleanest waters in the cobalt blue Adriatic Sea.

Available tours In Slovenia

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Julian Alps to the Adriatic Cycling

Our 10 night holiday takes you from the turquoise waters of Lake Bled, nestled below Slovenia’s jagged Julian Alps, along the Alpe Adria Trail, passing into Italy. Wind down through the mountains to the island of Grado on the Adriatic…

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