See Europe in a unique way on an adventure tour.  Stretching from the countries of the former Soviet Union in the east to the Atlantic shores of Norway and Portugal in the west, Europe is one of the most beautiful and diverse regions on the planet. And whether you want to explore a new place on a laid-back city break or make new friends on an action-packed adventure, our Europe trips are so much more than just the tourist hot spots.

Walk, climb, canoe, or cycle; soak in the summer sun or glide over winter snow; immerse yourself in a cultural experience or expand your knowledge of the local wildlife. With so many options, what better way to experience it all up close, getting to know the sights, sounds and scents of your surroundings than on an adventure tour. Whether you prefer to explore the ancient culture of Greece, the birthplace of Western civilization, wind your way through the timeless countryside of Tuscany in Italy or explore the fairytale castles of Romania's Transylvanian Alps, our tours offer a plethora of experiences suited to all abilities and interests.

Available tours in Europe