Situated at the northern tip of South America, Columbia has opened to tourism in the last decade, so appreciation has grown of its amazing variety of landscapes, sights and cultures. On Colombia adventures you can experience the contrast between the lively and cosmopolitan capital, Bogotá, and the atmospheric streets and well-preserved colonial buildings of Cartagena; the wild Pacific Coast and effortless laid-back cool of the Caribbean Coast; the lush undulating plantations deep in the Cocora Valley and the towering snow-capped peaks of Los Nevados National Park.

Revered by coffee lovers the world over, 'Eje Cafetero’ – the coffee region of Colombia – sprawls over the western slopes of the Central Andes. It makes for great trekking and cycling, and those with a real thirst for adventure can wild camp under the stars in the Cordillera Central. Add to this a chilled vibe and warm welcome, and it's easy to see why Colombia trips are achieving legendary status among intrepid travelers.