The unique geography of Chile; long and narrow, stretches the farthest south in the world and offers more than 3,700 miles of pristine Pacific Coast line.  Tours to Chile and Easter Island are an exploration of the 'thin' country at the southern end of the world is one of the great rewards for the adventure traveler. Patagonia boasts a huge diversity of natural terrain; lakes, peaks, deserts, glaciers and no shortage of wildlife. It is a feast of wild places and astonishing scenery tailor made for walking. The biggest icons are the Lakelands, dominated by the great Pucon volcano, the Atacama Desert (the driest in the world), the vineyards, Torres del Paine, Tierra del Fuego and the marine life of the south Pacific Ocean. The magnificent mountains are bordered by windswept grasslands, with millions of sheep tended by a few intrepid gauchos who live under the spine of the continent - the imperious Andes. Photogenic, breathtaking and a true wilderness, Chile is a bucket list destination for sure.

Tours Iin Chile