Walking and Cycling Tours in Bermuda

Adrift in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda Islands are renowned for their sugary pink sands and dazzling turquoise waters in a whole rainbow of blues.

Discovered by Christopher Columbus on his way to the New World, this stunning archipelago of 180 islands and islets, just 21 miles long, is home to a wonderful mix of hidden sea grottoes, crumbling C17 forts, lush flower-filled fields and, of course, a fantastic array of postcard-pretty beaches. It's the perfect destination for a relaxed walking tour, with the surrounding seas warmed by the temperate Gulf Stream, the waters are home to a magical array of coral reefs and hundreds of colorful fish - you may even spot humpbacked whales basking offshore.

All across Bermuda you'll find a wonderful mix of cultures as Britain's colonial heritage merges with African, Caribbean and Native American roots. On an walking tour you'll discover brightly colored houses with vivid white stepped roofs which create a patchwork of pastel throughout the islands, red phone boxes baking in the sub-tropical sunshine, and businessmen wearing their smart suits with Bermuda shorts!

Available Tours In Bermuda

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Bermuda Islands Discovery

Packed with natural beauty, the stunning archipelago of Bermuda is a tiny historic treasure trove surrounded by stunning turqoise waters. Soak up the fabulous year-round sunshine on it’s famous pink sand beaches.

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Islands of Bermuda Walk

Famed for its stunning turquoise waters and pink sand beaches, the stunning archipelago of Bermuda is a tiny historic treasure trove packed with natural beauty – flowers, fish, birds – and fabulous year-round sunshine.

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