Dali’s magnificent beating Royal Heart..

The Dali – Jewel collection, located next door to the Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres, is home to thirty-seven gold jewel and precious stone encrusted pieces – ornaments, medals, crosses and objects of art conceived by Salvador Dali.

The jewels are intricate, some with moving parts and capture the symbolism of surrealism with its juxtaposition of the normal and dream-like; always incorporating an element of surprise!

It is said that these jewels were created by Dali as an expression of the fluidity of time and the ever changing nature of humans, animals and landscapes.

The most famous jewel, the ‘Royal Heart’, is crafted of gold, natural rubies, sapphires, emeralds , peridots, garnets and diamonds all ingeniously designed to ‘beat’ like a real heart.

Watch it beating here:





Dali himself commented that “without an audience…these jewels would not fulfill the function for which they came into being.  The viewer, then is the ultimate artist”.

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