Cruise uphill with an E-bike!

e bikeThink you’re just not fit enough for a bike trip, or maybe your traveling companions are the 100km types and you won’t be able to keep up? Not just for softies, E-bikes are a great way to experience all the fun and outdoor activity of a bike tour without a worry about your stamina.

If you’re not familiar with E-Bikes, these are electric bikes which can be ridden just like a regular bike with self-propulsion – but also have a small motor to assist when you are against a headwind or going uphill. You can comfortably cycle further too, meaning that longer distances are possible and more sights are within visiting distance.

You’ll still be able to get some exercise, as the E-bike assists your pedaling; not entirely replacing it. Some people find they ride more (getting more exercise) and with greater enjoyment with an electric assist.

And, they are amazingly easy to operate! Stylish and almost indistinguishable from a regular bike – you might like it so much that you’ll be tempted to get one on your return home.

New for 2015, we are offering the opportunity to rent an E-bike on selected cycling tours. For a list of tour choices, please visit: