Contemplating Cuba?


bikePresident Obama’s sudden announcement of normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba caught everyone by surprise. Although the initial reports seemed to indicate that travel restrictions would be relaxed as well, the actual regulations on travel haven’t changed too much. It’s still illegal for Americans to visit Cuba for tourist activities and only allowed if you fit into one of the 12 authorized categories of travel. Among these are family visits, educational activities, journalistic activity, support for the Cuban people and humanitarian projects.

We’ve had numerous inquires from U.S. citizens interested in traveling to Cuba. The government still must issue a license to tour operators based on fulfillment of the educational or support for Cuban people category. So, until we have an accredited cultural or educational program, no dice.

As an individual, it gets a bit fuzzy. You don’t need to apply for a specific license to travel but you’ll still need to fit into one of these categories and have a full time schedule of educational exchange activities or etc (technically no free time or lounging on the beach allowed!). But, it’s unclear who will be checking on this.

We’re very keen on offering Cuba as a destination in the near future. Stay tuned for more info.