What comes to mind when you think of cross country skiing?

Geilo cross

Is it the total silence and peace as you glide across soft, powdery snow?

Or, maybe the exhilarating thrill of high level peaks and spectacular mountain scenery?

Or, do you really look forward to all the après-ski fun at the nearest bar enjoying a well-earned glühwein?

Tempted? Of course you are!

Our cross country skiing tours are a magical way to visit Europe this winter; skiing right from your doorstep to enjoy beautiful snowy landscapes, getting close to nature on pristine trails and feeling the friendly hospitality of locals.

Cross country skiing dates back thousands of years to when humans first realized that strapping wood slates on their feet meant faster travel over snow swept terrain. It’s still widely practiced as a sport and leisure activity, as well as still a means of daily transportation.  Aside from its impressive fitness benefits, according to some experts it is the ultimate calorie burner utilizing every major muscle group, it’s a great way to experience the very best of Europe’s winter wonderland.

Our cross country skiing tours take you to incredibly picturesque mountain villages in Austria and Italy where life has hardly changed over the centuries, picture-postcard villages in Switzerland where famers ride the snowy roads on sleighs and to Finland for a real Arctic experience spotting igloo villages and reindeer corrals. There’s even a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights in Norway’s Venabu (December and January months are best).

From the moment you arrive at your destination, our local agents take care of everything. We’ve included all the equipment you need to try cross country skiing and some lessons to get you started! Our hand-picked hotels in each location range from family-run inns to sophisticated 4-star hotels with swimming pools, wellness centers and gastronomic cuisine all selected to ensure that you’ll have a comfortable and truly authentic experience.