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Food and Drink in Central & Eastern Europe

Discover the delicious food and drink of Central & Eastern Europe. The varied cultures and eclectic range of local produce ensures that the countries in this corner of the continent are home to an extensive range of delicious recipes and traditional meals.

These are just a small selection of our favorite foods from this region, and where you can find them when you visit on your tour with Breakaway Adventures.

Crni Rizot, Croatia

Crni Rižot, Croatia

This black risotto may look unappetizing but we assure you it tastes delicious. The dish acquires its color from the use of squid ink and is a popular meal along the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. Try Crni Rižot for yourself on our Delights of the Dalmatian Coast Walk.

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Vranac and Krstac wines, Montenegro

The Crmnica region is to Montenegro what Medoc is to France, a premier wine growing region with a long tradition of producing wines of exceptional quality. Vranac is an excellent dry wine with a dark red ruby ​​color and a pleasant fruity aroma, while Krstac is a dry white, the perfect accompaniment to seafood and pasta.

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Cabbage Rolls

Sarmale, Romania

Widely considered to be Romania’s national dish, these stuffed cabbage rolls are filled with rice, minced pork or beef and vegetables. Sarmale is traditionally served with polenta and sour cream and makes for delicious comfort food. Try sarmale while on our guided walking holiday in Transylvania and the Carpathian mountains.

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Weiner Schnitzel, Austria

Walking through the Austrian Alps you’re guaranteed to work up an appetite. Fortunately, Austria is home to some of the most hearty, filling and delicious meals we can imagine. Weiner Schnitzel is an Austrian stalwart and can be found on menus up and down the country, especially in traditional Gasthöfs. Tuck into this tasty treat while on our guided walking holiday in the Tyrol.

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