Buying a Helmet for Your Cycling Tour: 4 Tips

Crew with Alps in backgroundYou don’t need much by way of special equipment when you go on a Breakaway Adventures tour. If it’s a walking trip, you’ll need a good pair of hiking boots. And if you’re going on a cycling tour, we’ll provide the bicycle, but we do recommend you bring a helmet—especially if you’ll be spending time in Spain, as helmets are legally required in that country. But in truth, even when helmets aren’t required, they’re a good idea. As it turns out, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, wearing a proper-fitting helmet could prevent as many as 85 percent of all head injuries to cyclists.

If you don’t already own a helmet that you’ll just bring along, we have some tips for picking out the best helmet for your tour, just read on:

1.    Look for the CPSC seal of approval

If you’re shopping in the U.S., you can shop with ease, as anything labeled a “bicycle helmet” must meet basic standards of the CPSC in order to be sold here. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a safe helmet, even the less expensive models meet those safety requirements.

2.    Think about comfort

We just told you that all bicycle helmets that meet the CPSC requirements are going to be safe, so why do people shell out so much cash for more expensive helmets? Because they’re lighter, more attractive and offer better ventilation. It may be worth paying a little bit extra to keep your head cool on long rides.

3.    Make sure it fits

Another upgrade you tend to pay for when you go for a more pricey helmet? Better sizing. Less expensive models often come one-size-fits-all, and sometimes that’s just not sufficient. If you’re shopping for something that fits better, just measure your head with a tape measure just above your ears—and be sure it’s level. Once you get it on, you’re looking for a fit that’s level, snug and low on your head—it’ shouldn’t sit on top of your head.

4.    Think about extras

Whether or not to opt for a visor is one decision you’ll have to make, and it’s an entirely personal choice. Some riders love having something to help shield the sun, but you will add a bit of wind resistance.

Kathy at La MorraWith these four tips in mind, you’re going to be well on your way to finding a great fitting helmet that will allow you to take on your cycling adventure safely and confidently.