Breakaways’ Top 5 Tips for great photos

Breakaways Top 5 tips for great photos

  1. Fill the screen. Try to fill the screen with the subject you are photographing.
  2. Avoid bright lights. Keep your subject out of direct, bright light.
  3. Keep it simple. A neutral or simple background helps to bring out your subject.
  4. Go to eye level. Approach your subject at eye level for the most powerful shot.
  5. Make it spontaneous. Have fun and enjoy the moment!

And why not put these tips to good use on our Costa Rica Wildlife Walk. You’ll be amazed at the amount of wildlife you’ll encounter, from quetzals and tree grogs to agoutis and iguanas and over 850+ species of birds. All with a backdrop of awe-inspiring panoramas – dramatic volcanoes, emerald lagoons and the world-famous Monteverde cloud forest.

Arenal butterfly gardenYou’ll visit the Arenal butterfly and frog gardens, a Nature Regeneration Project dedicated to the preservation and study of the rainforest, with a focus on butterflies and other tropical rainforest species. The gardens offer numerous photo ops of the gardens resplendent with hummingbirds and views of Arenal lake and volcano beyond.

guaria morada costa ricas national flowerAt La Cangreja waterfall in the Rincon de la Vieja Nation Park, the blue lagoon is a magical site where dissolved copper salts give the water a celestial blue color, a striking sight against the gray cliffs. The pool is a great spot for cooling off after a hike. Violet guaria morada orchid (Costa Rica’s national flower) grows in the surrounding woodland. The bold and beautiful guaria is an exquisite orchid, known for its purple hues and diamond-like shimmer. Blooming from January through April, the guaria is said to bestow fortune and good luck. According to local Costa Rican legend, its bloom possesses only a mild fragrance, as it is filled with dreams to be fulfilled!