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Four new guided walking tours in Europe!

We are delighted to introduce 4 new guided walking holidays to our portfolio, to some of the most popular destinations! Led by an experienced local guide, escorted trips are ideal for solo travelers, couples and small groups of friends. Share your experiences with the rest of the group, make new friends and stroll through the […]

From farm to table in Tuscany

  Two new Tuscany tours for “foodies” There is no word for “foodie” in Italian; Italians are foodies in the deepest sense of the word. In Italy, food is not simply a meal, it is a culture, a way of life. Ask an Italian to tell you about a dish and they will not just tell […]

Breakaway’s 2018 Travel Guide

This is our round-up of destinations that have either been dubbed as trending for this year by travel and industry experts, or that we have chosen based on anniversaries or celebrations in the regions. Take a look and get some destination inspiration for the year!   Croatia Croatia boasts 1,250 mi of coastline, over 1,000 […]

Explore Coastal Gems, Rural Retreats and Gourmet Getaways!

Whatever type of trip you’re looking for, we have a variety of options for you – take a look below for destination inspiration! Coastal Gems From the sun-kissed beaches of Portugal’s Algarve to the vertical landscape of pastel villages clinging to hillsides on the Sorrentine peninsula of Italy, discover the wonders of the coast. Walking […]

7 Ways to break the norm in 2018!

Do something different on foot or by bike in 2018! Our walking & cycling tours focus on unique experiences where you can make memories and create those special moments that matter. This could be a fabulous meal you had during your trip, an encounter with the locals that made you smile or something as simple […]

Norway Featured in Paramount’s Downsizing out in theaters today.

We are pleased to join the Visit Norway tourism board and Paramount theaters in promoting the beautiful country of Norway! Today’s release of Alexander Payne’s film, Downsizing, features Norway as the ultimate destination of the film’s main characters as they ponder life as “downsized” or smaller versions of their normal size.  In this film, a […]

Where’s trending for 2018?

Where’s trending for 2018?  Take a look at what’s shaping up as the “hot” destinations for walking & cycling tours in 2018. And we aren’t the only ones touting their attractions.. ITALIAN DOLOMITES There’s a special, unique kind of reverence reserved for the Italian Dolomites. The Tre Cime (The Three Peaks), the range’s most dramatic […]

Cycling Norway’s Spectacular Oslofjord – New for 2018!

With its gentle coastline, hilly little roads through forests, tranquil beaches and charming coastal towns, the Oslofjord region of Norway is a cyclist’s paradise. Here are some of the highlights of our 6-night Cycling the Oslofjord trip. Quaint harbour towns and villages stretch along the coast – each with its own unique history and attractions. Pass lush […]

2018 tours now available to book!

2018 tours now available to book! We’re delighted to tell you that you can now book your walking or cycling tour for 2018!  Perhaps you have a favorite destination you’d like to enjoy again or maybe you want to try something new or go somewhere different – there’s plenty of choice. Plus, look out for our […]

UNESCO finest wine regions on foot & by bike

Wine connoisseurs and beginners alike flock to the UNESCO World Heritage wine regions to taste the finest vintages on offer from these famous vineyards. Chosen for their unique contribution to wine making, here is our pick of three of the best regions from around the world that have made the grade…  Piedmont, Italy The Langhe […]

7 Unique Christmas Destinations

It’s that time of year when we start getting inquiries from people looking for something truly unique to do over the Christmas holidays. Our popular Christmas program includes cycling or walking to varied destinations, including the peaceful Mediterranean island of Gozo (sister island to Malta); warm winter walking in the best of the unspoiled  Western […]

Destination Desire

Do you yearn for a vacation where you can soak in spectacular coastal views? Are you seeking marvelously quiet villages off the tourist trail? Or perhaps is strolling through vineyards, tasting home-grown wines and sampling world-class cuisine your idea of paradise? We have relaxed walking and cycling itineraries for you to explore on foot or […]