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Our Best Selling Destination for 2020

Trending Now: Piedmont 2020 And the 2020 bestseller so far is… Piedmont, Italy. We’ve seen a rise in interest in active adventure tours to Piedmont for next year, with trips to this beautiful region selling out fast. Exquisite local cuisine and fine wine, rolling countryside cloaked in vineyards, atmospheric villages and majestic castles are all hallmarks […]

Save $250 on Adventures to 100+ Countries

Save $250 on Adventures to 100+ Countries “Wanderlust: n. a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.” Whether it’s experiencing the Hill Top Villages of Provence Cycling, making friends over a glass of local Italian wine on the Amalfi Coast, taking in the mind-blowing views of the highest peaks in the Dolomites or […]

Discover our 2020 Walking Tours

Our team of dedicated experts have crafted outstanding itineraries that get to the heart of each destination we visit. Our walking routes traverse spectacular coastlines, and follow trails through beautiful mountain scenery. And of course, there’s the chance to sample outstanding regional cuisine… Discover your 2020 walking holiday with Breakaway Adventures today. Amalfi to Sorrento […]

Central & Eastern Europe in Focus – Food & Drink

Food and Drink in Central & Eastern Europe Discover the delicious food and drink of Central & Eastern Europe. The varied cultures and eclectic range of local produce ensures that the countries in this corner of the continent are home to an extensive range of delicious recipes and traditional meals. These are just a small […]

Remember Life is Good – Save $200

Save $200 on Adventures to 100+ Countries They say that happiness is a mindset, and however exhausting politics, work, the news, and just the day-to-day grind can be, it’s important to remember that life is good. Whether it’s experiencing the Delights of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, making friends over a glass of local Italian wine in Tuscany, taking […]

Our Absolute Best-selling Walking Tours

Our Best-selling Walking Tours The idea that something as simple as a daily walk can help you live a healthier life has been well documented with benefits ranging from lower blood pressure to improved memory and mood. All of this, as well as the awesome pleasure of being outdoors, make walking one of our favorite […]

These classic cycling tours have timeless appeal..

What makes a classic trip? Is it the jaw-dropping, unchanging beauty of the natural landscapes that surround you? Maybe its the region’s unique heritage made visible in iconic architecture, local customs and delicious, traditional cuisine? Or is it something else entirely… All we know for certain is that these classic Breakaway cycling tours, with their […]

Our Most Popular Gastronomic Tours

Top Breakaway Tours for Foodies As food-lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of eating well, especially after a day of exploring the great outdoors. That’s why we’ve crafted itineraries that make the most of each region’s culinary specialties. Discover fresh, local ingredients, fine wines and an abundance of distinctive local restaurants serving exquisite food and […]

Top Breakaway Destinations for Stargazing  Join the growing trend in travelers seeking out dark sky destinations for their holidays. Ideal for astronomers interested in admiring the night sky, dark sky locations are also recognized in having a beneficial impact on our health and mental well-being. Escape the light pollution with a Breakaway tour to one […]

Go beyond the beaches and discover the real Spain!

Discover the real Spain with Breakaway  Spain may be famous for its beaches and paella but this beautiful country has a diverse landscape and each region has its own distinct culture. In independent-spirited Catalunya, picturesque coastal paths and lush green valleys create spectacular walking routes. In sharp contrast, the southern region of Andalucia, with its […]

It’s Time to Rethink Walking and Cycling Tours

Self-guided Walking & Cycling Tours It’s time to relax and enjoy your vacation in your own way. Whether you enjoy a gentle stroll with time to soak in your surroundings, or if you like the thrill of a challenging bike ride, you set the pace on a self-guided, Breakaway Adventures’ walking or cycling tour. On a self-guided holiday, we […]

Rethink your stay

Unique Places to Stay Your vacation is a chance to go beyond the ordinary and that means staying somewhere exceptional. At Breakaway, we carefully select the best and most interesting accommodation to make sure you get the most out of your time away. From charming hotels run by the same family for generations, to historic […]