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  • Cradle of Greek civilization
  • Exciting mix of ancient cultures and outstanding natural beauty
  • Dramatic gorges, beautiful forests, lush valleys of Arcadia
  • Roman mosaics, Byzantines ruins, beautifully preserved Mediaeval temples

The Peloponnese is the Greece of myth and legend: Hera bathed in the Carathus spring near Epidavros; Zeus came down to rid the Olympus valley of plague; the attack against Troy was lead from Mycenae. Everywhere its glorious past seems to overwhelm you: fragments of temples by roadsides, upended capitals in sweetsmelling meadows, ancient stone bridges leading to hillside monasteries.

The Morea (or mulberry), as the region is more affectionately called due to its shape, houses some of Greece’s greatest treasures, many of which are the subject of fables. The discovery of Agamemnon’s palace at Mycenae by Schliemann made credible Homer’s tales of 'Mycenae, rich in gold'. Its massive Lion Gate, supported by Cyclopean walls, evoke the image of the warrior town that once commanded a whole string of city states. It is easy to imagine epic races taking place in the stadium at Olympia, and famous actors performing at the theatre at Epidavros.

Aside from being the cradle of Greek civilisation, the countryside here is astoundingly beautiful too. When you venture on one of our Greece walking tours and stray from the main sites, you will be rewarded with breathtaking scenery: limestone gorges, thick pine forests, mountain streams and meadows bright with scarlet tulips and wild iris.

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