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  • Stunning azure seas of the Adriatic - 0ver 1,000 islands and 2000 km of coastline
  • Amazing natural beauty; rich cultural heritage
  • Beautiful Dubrovnik; medieval ramparts; Renaissance churches, Doges palace
  • Emerald Plitvice Lakes, turquoise Krka waterfalls

Sandy beaches, strings of unspoilted islands, terraces of vines, the clearest of azure seas, Roman ruins, Franciscan monasteries and Venetian palaces. It is amazing that Croatia is not over run with tourists. Yet with 2000 km of coastline and over 1,000 islands it is hard to imagine it ever becoming crowded.

You will find un-crowded coastal paths, tourist free fishing villages and barely visited historical sites making you want to shout about it to everyone you know on your return home. But then again maybe its better that we keep it our secret!

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