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  • Wonderful regional cuisine; world-famous wines
  • Roman & Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance
  • Pretty half-timbered villages, fortified towns full of interest
  • Great abbeys, elegant chateaux and manoirs
  • Rural, peaceful and old fashioned

Burgundy has been synonymous with "gastronomy and good living" since Roman times, reaching its peak as a powerful and independent sovereign state in the late Middle Ages. Governed by the immensely wealthy Valois Dukes, the Duchy attracted some of Europes greatest craftsmen. The buildings they fashioned and adorned were amongst the most beautiful of the day. Traveling by foot or on a bicycle tour in Burgundy, you will see splendid châteaux, palaces and courts of honour, along with many fine fortified villages, hospitals and halftimbered houses.

The region is very diverse too. There is the fertile basin around Auxerre, in the north west, and the ancient massifs of Morvan and Charollais in the south. Most famously of all, there are the limestone plateaux of La Côte where, in certain places, the world’s most expensive wines are produced.  



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