Air France Makes the Skies More Friendly

Don’t put away that cell phone just yet on your next flight over France. You may soon be able to talk with friends and family or whomever you desire while flying the friendly skies. AirFrance, with partner OnAir, are launching a trial of inflight voice calls in what is the first full mobile phone service onboard a commercial aircraft.

The trial started several months ago, allowing passengers to send and receive unlimited SMS text messages and emails, including attachments. The company recently added to that the ability to make and receive up to six simultaneous calls. The service is activated above 3000 metres and is charged according to your phone company’s agreement.

Air France, founded in 1933, operates 1,700 daily flights with a fleet of 393 aircraft, including 134 regional aircraft operated by its subsidiaries Britair, CityJet and Régional.