7 Secrets to Getting the Best Deals on Airfare

Sign trip. Group ticket and passport, holidays abroadGetting a great deal on airfare can make a big difference in your travel budget. And there can be such variance in the prices from moment to moment, day to day, and month to month, it definitely pays to do put the extra effort into finding the best fares.

These seven tips can help you get the best deals on your next trip, so read on!

  • Shop on Tuesdays

Most people shop for airfare on weekends, because that’s when they have free time. But weekends aren’t the best time to book. Airlines announce sales on Tuesdays, so shop mid-day on Tuesday or early Wednesday.

  • Book in Early Mornings

Most of the airlines will update their inventory systems overnight, and if they’re going to release a few low-price seats, they’ll be available only for the first few shoppers.

  • Head to Twitter

Increasingly, airlines are heading to Twitter to announce special deals. Follow your favorite airlines, and don’t forget the smaller low-cost airlines, such as JetBlue.

  • Sign up for Fare Alerts

Fare alerts, such as those available from FareWatcherPlus and Yapta.com can help you find a great deal by sending you an email when prices drop. You can track multiple airfares or track a specific itinerary.

  • Check the Airline’s Own Site

Third-party travel sites can be great for searching a wide variety of airlines, but checking the website of the airline is always a good idea. Some airlines tend to reserve the very best fares for their sites. Quantas and Aer Lingus, for example, often offer fares $100-$350 less than what you’ll be able to get on websites such as Orbitz.

  • Don’t Fear Early Flights

Early morning flights are not only often more affordable than afternoon-departing flights, they’re also less susceptible to cancellations.

  • Consider One Way Tickets

Buying two one-way tickets can actually be more affordable than purchasing a ticket round-trip, so always check by searching your itinerary both ways. Kayak will help you search for these bargains, the website calls them “hacker fares.”

Do you have other tricks for saving money on airfare? Share your favorites with us on the Breakaway Adventures Facebook page—we’d love to share your favorite tips!