Breakaway Adventures launches electric bike tours!

If you’ve not been on a bike for years, or you’re simply unsure as to whether you’re up to a traditional cycling tour, then why not consider an electric version?
Electric bikes, or e-bikes, work just like normal ones – the only real difference being that when you pedal, the battery automatically kicks in and your power is increased by up to 80%! So you can cover almost twice the distance with half the effort – sheer genius! At the end of the day, you simply lift the battery off the bike and leave it on charge with your mobile phone, ipod, etc.
For Summer 2010, e-bikes will only be available on our Swiss Lakes Cycling tour. The lakeside routes are perfect for gentle cycling and, as such, are ideal for customers new to this kind of vacation. All e-bikes come equipped with a battery (and a spare battery), a charger and panniers are standard. As will all of our cycling tours, helmets are strongly recommended, but are not compulsory and are not provided.
The rental of an e-bike will be charged at a supplement of $300 over the standard price of the 8-night Swiss Lakes Cycling tour, regardless of date of departure. It is perfectly okay for some party members to opt for an e-bike, others for a traditional bike, however, e-bikes are only available to over 16’s. Please note: as we only have a limited number of 3-bikes available, early booking is strongly advised.
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