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South America

In South America Breakaway Adventures offers walking tours in Peru and the Patagonia region of Chile.

Perhaps the  most well known country as a Latin American trekking destination, Peru was sixteenth century Europes major source of treasure and was perhaps home to the largest, or at least most extensive empire in the world at that time - The Incas. Alot of the countrys appeal lies in its Inca relics, such as  Machu Picchu, which remains the most popular trekking destination in the whole of South America. Such tours whether they are along the classic Inca Trail or, as we do, at a more leisurely tourist pace, take in historical delights such as Cuzco as well.

Chiles incredible geography encompasses some of the most amazing contrasts imaginable.  Its stunning natural beauty includes awesome galciers, spectacular fjords and snow capped Andes. North in the frontier desert oasis of San Pedro in the moonscapes of the Atacama Desert is the driest place on earth.  In southern Peru stunning views of ice fields is prisine walking country -serrated peaks, sparkling galciers and clear lakes intersperesed with pine forest and poppy strewn meadows. The San Rafael Galcier is an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with 70m glacier wall.

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