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  • Explore the traditional heart of Norway
  • Dramatic gorges, high plateaux, waterfalls and lakes
  • Gently sweeping valleys, shaded forests, wonderful open views
  • An extraordinary profusion of rare wild flowers
  • Ideal summer walking climate

This is the traditional heart of the country, with brightly painted houses and ancient wooden churches. The landscape is dramatic and full of contrasts from spectacular gorges and snow-capped peaks to undiscovered valleys carpeted with springy moss.

The mountains here are special too. They are the oldest in Europe and erosion has rounded them off so you are spared the steepest climbs on our Norway walking tour! During the summer, the slopes are bright with blue and white aconite, gentian and angelica. Herds of reindeer are surprisingly common here and you can expect to see exciting bird life: falcons, hawks, ptarmigan and grouse.

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