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  • Dramatic coastline, emerald green terraces, volcanic peaks
  • Subtropical climate, exotic orchids, rare birds of prey
  • Forgotten hill villages, colorful fishing communities, historic Funchal
  • Hospitable and generous people

The exotic island of Madeira (the floating garden) is a paradise of flowers, birds and trees, and with its mild winters and gentle summers, it is wonderful for walking. There are towering mountains, romantic gorges, and hanging valleys. Innumerable levadas (little canals painstakingly dug over the centuries to catch the islands rainfall) provide pathways into the interior.

Madeira is like a giant botanical garden, with plants from all over the world. Eucalyptus and acacias from Australia, bright red poinsettias from Mexico and those brought here from the South Seas by Captain Cook. The island is ablaze with color, particularly in the "blossom months" of spring and autumn. Freesias, jacarandas, jasmine, begonias, antirrhinums, magnolia and camellias all grow here. Among Madeiras 100 species of birds, Cabreras blackbird, the Canarian kestrel, and the Madeiran firecrest, may be seen on the walks.   Our Madeira tours offer walking on a stunning mix of independent coastal and levada walks.


Guided Walking Tours

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