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Lot and Aveyron

  • Mediterranean climate, pinky-gold cliffs, wooded valeys
  • Contrasting rivers: the majestic Lot, the gurgly little Cele, the stunningly beautiful Aveyron gorge
  • Pretty little villages, great bastide towns, sleepy farming hamlets unchanged for centuries
  • World-famous prehistoric caves at Pech Merle
  • Delicious regional cuisine, great local wines, exceptional value-for-money

    This relatively unknown region, which roughly forms a triangle linking the Lot and Tarn river valleys with the spectacular Aveyron Gorges, is firmly part of the South and has a true Mediterranean feel. 
    It is a proud and ancient part of the country, a sun-soaked region of contrasts, where the ancient villages - capping stony hilltops, guarding awesome gorges or nestling in the meanders of quiet river valleys - are as remarkable for their historic interest as for their stunning natural settings.

    Historically this area has been inhabited by man since earliest times and you will come across evidence everywhere: dolmens on the causses, the celebrated caves at Pech Merle, crumbling little cazelles (dry stone huts) which have served as homes and hiding places over the ages. Along your routes, you will see Frances finest turreted farmhouses, a wide variety of pigeonniers (dovecotes) and ancient old mills.

  • Walking


      MultiSport and Canoeing

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