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  • Cultural melting point where Europe meets Africa
  • Exceptionaly green island: lemon groves, vineyards, fig trees, peaches
  • Fascinating blend of legend and 6000 years of history
  • Astonishingly colorful wild flowers

Gozo is Maltas tiny sister island in the southern Mediterranean. 90km south of Sicily and 300 km from the Tunisian desert, it is the last outpost of Europe before Africa. Little-known, and often ignored by tourists, Gozo is a curious mixture of the enticingly exotic and the reassuringly familiar: palm trees, Arabic-style honey-colored stone houses, lemon groves and the ubiquitous prickly pear all contrast wonderfully with the red GPO phone boxes and little Dixon of Dock Green police stations!

This is Calypsos Isle of Ogygia from Homers Odyssey, where the beautiful nymph held Odysseus a prisoner of love for seven years (you can visit her cave on a walk), and it is a place where legend blends with history. There are Neolithic cave dwellings, a huge copper age temple pre-dating the Giza Pyramids by 1,000 years and an amazing array of monumental Baroque, neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque churches and basilicas.

Gozo is an astonishingly green and fertile island, and is the perfect size to be explored thoroughly, on a self-guided tour walking around Gozo for a week. The spectacular rocky coastline is full of hidden creeks, coves and tiny beaches, used for centuries by corsairs as hiding places, and there is some breathtaking cliff scenery. Inland, the walking is through tiny terraced and stone-walled fields along narrow gorge-like valleys, through ancient hilltop villages, and over the remote garrigue countryside, the scent of wild thyme, rosemary and heather crushed underfoot.

Combine all of the above and you have arguably the most attractive and fascinating island in the Mediterranean



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