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French Caribbean

  • Unique blend of Creole joie de vivre and French chic
  • Over 2000 floral species: a bird watchers paradise
  • White sand beaches, azure seas, rain forest

Shaped like a butterfly, Guadeloupe is actually two large islands connected by a bridge over the Rivière Salée. The eastern side, Grande Terre, includes soft rolling terrain, sensational white sand beaches, resort areas and Guadeloupes largest city, Pointe-a-Pitre. Although it is a French island, Guadeloupes people, personality and culture are the result of a harmonious blending of European, African and East Indian origins.

Martinique, the Island of Flowers, is one of the Windward islands in the Lesser Antilles group and 75 miles from Guadeloupe. Martiniques eastern coastline borders the Atlantic Ocean while its western coast is flanked by the Caribbean sea. Thanks to an average temperature of 79 degrees, Martinique is the island of the "never-ending summer". Due to these tropical climate conditions, the island is lush with vegetation: lavish tropical forests, groves, savannas, countless species of trees, fruits, plants and flowers, not to mention the mangrove forests.



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